The Governing Body

Bishopsgate School is a charity with a governing body, which delegates the day-to- day running of the school to the Headmaster and his senior management team. Many of the Bishopsgate governors are former parents and several currently have children in the school. What they all have in common is total commitment to the future well-being of the school and they offer a wealth of expertise and experience.

In addition to sitting on full board meetings, governors also sit on four committees, which are responsible for finance, buildings and grounds, health and safety and education.

Chairman of Governors

Mr T F X Eddis BA (Education)

Contact via the Clerk to Governors


Mrs B Breedon (Education)

* Mrs L S Buchanan (Health & Safety)

Mr J Carroll, BA Hons, BPhilEd, PGCE, NPQH (Education)

* Mrs V Cresswell BA, ACA (Finance)

* Mr M Fisher BSc (Property)

* Mr D Henderson-Williams, Esq (Property)

* Mr N Jamison, Esq (Finance)

* Mr E Leoni-Sceti BA (Hons)

* Mr C Marriott BA (Hons) (Finance)

* Mr D Mills (Property)

* Mrs C Robertson BA (Hons) (Finance)

* Mr S Sydenham MA, MSc. MBA (Health, Safety & Security)

Mrs S M Winson BA, TC (Education & Safe Guarding)

(*Current or former parent)


Rob Williams MA (Hons) PGCE
Tel: 01784 432109

Clerk to the Governors

Alan McNish, Esq, BA
Tel: 01784 435599