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Upper School Sports Day

21 August 2017

Bishopsgate’s highly anticipated Annual Sports Day took place in July. For the first time in two years the event had ideal weather and this was reflected in the excellent atmosphere and performances of all the pupils taking part.

All competitors had the opportunity to compete in three events from High Jump and Long Jump to Javelin and a variety of short and long distance track events. The pupils have been practising and preparing in their PE lessons since half term to ensure they could perform to the best of their ability! New school records tumbled early in the day and it was soon clear that this was not going to be an ordinary Sports Day as the rate of records continued to be broken. In total, 36 school Sports Day records were broken which is the most ever! This led to a very tense finish with all house in the running for the overall winning prize.

Shackleton House ended up eventual winners with 861 points but the Sports Staff would like to congratulate all pupils on the way they behaved, performed and conducted themselves throughout the day, with lots of outstanding sportsmanship being shown.